Saturday, May 30, 2015

An old soul

I have always loved talking to older people. When I was a kid I would spend more time with adults than kids, especially when I was a teenager. I was always at my Uncle Hank's, the Falbos, or my Aunt Thelma's. I never had a problem talking to them. It was easy. I think that's why I didn't develop a lot of friends my age. I didn't know how to behave with them or act like them. 

It's kind of funny because even now when I meet older folks just about anywhere they usually strike up a conversation or I do and it's a good time. 

Now that I'm almost 50 I seem to be growing into myself.  Some of us are slower getting there than others.  I am really enjoying my life now.  I feel now like I did when I was with them - at peace, at ease, loving me for who I am.

I am so glad to have shaken off the BS from just a couple of years ago. I love everything I have and I am thankful for it.