Monday, July 27, 2015

It did not fall out

It was a pretty common occurrence for my mother to question the whereabouts of my brain as a teenager and well okay, til I was about 40. 

Shelley Ann, did your brain fall out of your head?

What the hell kind of decision was that, is there anything in there (knocking on my head)?

If I look in this ear I will probably see your dad on the other side because there can't be anything in that head of yours!

Well, I am here to tell you that my brain is indeed in my head. You know how I know?  Because I just had a neck MRI and lo and behold you can see every bit of my beautiful brain in there.

It's in every damn image. 

So as for those all those situations I got into and all those decisions with which you disagreed? That was just plain stupidity. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Just rip it off

So my month long stay in Italy was cut short.  Have you ever had a pinched nerve?  Let me describe it:

Take a dozen forks and keep poking your neck and shoulder with them, hard, then

Take your left arm and tell someone to twist it just until you think it will rip apart and have him just hold it there, then

You only know your left hand is there because you can see it and touch it , but it has no feeling and you are still apologizing to the guy that you spilled tomato juice on on the airplane from Amsterdam to Atlanta cuz you forgot you couldn't feel your hand when you reached to take the drink from the stewardess, then

Just to make it interesting have absolutely no meds that make it feel better and you can't get into a neurologist in the Indy and surrounding area until Aug 4th. 

Thanks to BCD travel for getting me out of Italy within hours of being cursed with this wonderful event.

And finally after 3 weeks abroad I have these things to be thankful for in the great USA:

Salad Dressing
Any other food than Italian
God Bless the USA and if you haven't chosen a profession, please be a neurologist because clearly there aren't enough of them!