Monday, November 21, 2016

It's a New Day

Best Thanksgiving ever. While most of the country is still waiting for it, my Thanksgiving is complete. After taking a poll of sorts it was decided that due to a variety of other commitments of our grown children and others who attend the meal, that we would move our celebration AND also make it a buffet. An informal affair where people could eat when they want and they would sit where they want. We also cooked and baked up a variety of foods to make the day even more inviting.

We had great attendance, conversation, and everyone seemed to really enjoy this change after years of the same old thing.

It felt good. Really good. Emotions have been running high and this was a good day. A day of joy. I most thoroughly enjoyed watching our next generation talk and laugh; laugh a lot. It made my heart grow three sizes that day.

I think this feeling was what I needed and will last for a while. Thank you family for being open to this different style of this traditional day.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Gobble Gobble.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

What would they say

I am still rattled four days after the national election. I am irritated that some of my extended family were complacent and didn't make a vote for the highest office. I am irritated some of them voted for no policies, hate, and misogyny. I definitely had an opinion. As an old coach friend of mine would say I want to have my cake and eat it too.

I look at all I have worked and fought for in my life. I look at my family and those around me for who I have tried to make this country a more equal place to live and I wonder what the hell just happened. I have been raised my entire life to be better, to reach for more and now we have this. I would like to think that all the women before me would be saying now - we want more than this. WE HAVE EARNED MORE THAN THIS.

My little brother is deaf, the candidate said disparaging things about the Deaf and clearly doesn't have positive policies, a no-brainer correct? But no, family votes for him. Confounding to say the least.

And now after the election, I wonder how you reconcile this. Because it's not just a vote as my mom says. It is now the direction of the country with direct impact on me, my family, and those for whom I have fought. In these days, certain persons are posting hateful things which says to me that my original concerns were correct. Disgusting behavior and hate is coming out of places I didn't know it existed. The word Christian definitely has a new definition in some households after this election.

Well, my decision is to continue to fight for equality and women's rights. I will not allow them to be taken away. For those women in my family who voted the other way, you're welcome. And for the men on behalf of the women, you're welcome. Life is about choices and mine is to make intelligent, informed decisions and to be more involved.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Tom and Atticus

I don't know if you have found them yet, but I insist that you must.

You think you know Atticus M. Finch from a particular book, but you are incorrect in this case. Atticus was a miniature schnauzer who did amazing things up in the Northeast. You can read about his life in the book 'Following Atticus' and on Facebook or Twitter by looking up Tom and Atticus.

Even though Atticus has passed, Tom still eloquently talks about him and his previous companion Will. Tom is probably the best writer I have ever read. He touches your soul with his words.

Samwise  Passaconaway is his newest friend with whom he spends his time and about whom he writes.

Reading what Tom writes is a joy. It is pure emotion and provides a visual that almost overloads your senses. I do not live in the Northeast, but I feel as though I have been there many times.

Tom's next book 'Will's Red Coat' is out in March and it will be a great read.

I love my dogs to the moon and back.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ten Truths about Having Three Children

I haven'the written in a while and then I came across an article that grabbed my interest about truths on raising three kids. I have my own truths.

Here are my 10 truths from my vault of having 3 beautiful, intelligent daughters:

1. You don't have enough hands so you get a kiddie leash and teach discipline.

2. They are all very different and even when you think you know them, you have no idea.

3. You think you love each of them with this amazing "I will kill anyone who even looks at them wrong love" and they are thinking "she loves her more than me."

4. I don't even understand where all that funk in the bathroom comes from, but thank God for mommy-iron-stomach genes.

5. There is no such thing as treating them all the same. They are unique and require unique treatment.

6. They will team up two against one whenever it serves them unless they require the Power of Three to defeat the Momma.

7. There is usually an informer.

8. Quiet is not an option.

9. You always have an opportunity to retry some parenting that didn't work the first, or second time. Yep, did that...which gets back to a bit of #3.

10. When all is good, and even when its not, there is so much love, so much.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Did we really just have this conversation?

I laughed really hard last night. The conversation topic though was one I never would have thought I would ever have - with my daughter. We were on our way to the gym.  To yoga. Yuck. Yoga.  Who does yoga. And why.  Anyway...

We are driving along and all of a sudden Emmy looks up on a pole on the corner and says, "hey, is that new?"  It was a horn. Like a tornado siren.  But the conversation went instantly south. "So that's what they will use for the Hunger Game or Purge announcements if Trump is elected.  What district do you think we will be in?"  WTF is what I am thinking.  "What?!" I say.  She says, "so are we going to be like agriculture because of Dad or like science and technical because of you.""Clearly, we are going with smart and technical because of me!" I instantly belt out.  Agriculture my ass...if we're going out, we're going out on top.  I've seen the movies...

"Well, Mom, we need to find an architect. You know someone who can design a wall or a sturdy electric fence for the purge night."  WTF again.  "Em, all we need is a room. A safe room. We just have to survive 24 hours in a safe room and avoid hackers too." "And bombs, like nuclear bombs...," she says, "if he gets elected, so we have like six months."  "Nah, it would take a little longer for him to pass the Hunger Game or Purge laws so we would have a little longer." I said...WHAT AM I SAYING.  What are we talking about, actually laughing about. This election has created conversations that are hilarious, ridiculous, and scary all at the same time.

I love that we get to have conversations like this.  I love that we laugh like this.  I love that we are above the age that would get selected for the games.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Deep Dark Secret - Update!!!!

So it's been about a year since I posted the information below about DNA testing. Well folks, it gets juicier. My youngest daughter decided to do 23 and me another type of DNA service. Ha! Lo and behold it comes back telling her that she has a grandmother (24% DNA match) in Australia as well as several first cousins. You may say what's the big deal?

The big hairy deal is that her grandmothers live in Indiana...well my adopted mom and Michael's mom so guess who that makes living in Australia with her grown children...yeppers, you guessed it - my biological mother and subsequent born children. That's quite the information overload for us and can you imagine when the email came to them? So whatcha been hiding from us mom? Ah, technology. Makes this world smaller than it appears. 

I still blame 

I blame for all of this.

This story begins 50 years ago in a small city in Indiana. Where a woman decided to give up her child for adoption.  From here there are two chapters to this story. One that tells the joy of the couple who receives the child when they couldn't have one of their own. The other that is never told and the child never existed.

Queue the time travel music to fly us to 2016. The child is now 50 and has had a life that has had amazing ups, downs, and she has a family of her own that makes her beam tremendously with joy.  Her kids' persistence along with her own curiosity moves her to ordering the ancestry DNA test. She sends it in and learns a bit about her heritage.

Then it happens. Someone else takes the test too. Someone from the chapter never told. It shows up in the system and they send the grown up child a message. The message contains names of families previously unknown.

In her excitement she responds to the message not thinking about the fact that for this other person, they are unaware that the existence of the child was likely a deep dark secret - until now.

So now she has information to find out where she came from. What does she do? Does she do anything at all? So many questions...Does she want any answers?

Stay tuned until next week's episode to find out what happens next.

Damn you for pulling us in.