Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Deep Dark Secret - Update!!!!

So it's been about a year since I posted the information below about DNA testing. Well folks, it gets juicier. My youngest daughter decided to do 23 and me another type of DNA service. Ha! Lo and behold it comes back telling her that she has a grandmother (24% DNA match) in Australia as well as several first cousins. You may say what's the big deal?

The big hairy deal is that her grandmothers live in Indiana...well my adopted mom and Michael's mom so guess who that makes living in Australia with her grown children...yeppers, you guessed it - my biological mother and subsequent born children. That's quite the information overload for us and can you imagine when the email came to them? So whatcha been hiding from us mom? Ah, technology. Makes this world smaller than it appears. 

I still blame 

I blame for all of this.

This story begins 50 years ago in a small city in Indiana. Where a woman decided to give up her child for adoption.  From here there are two chapters to this story. One that tells the joy of the couple who receives the child when they couldn't have one of their own. The other that is never told and the child never existed.

Queue the time travel music to fly us to 2016. The child is now 50 and has had a life that has had amazing ups, downs, and she has a family of her own that makes her beam tremendously with joy.  Her kids' persistence along with her own curiosity moves her to ordering the ancestry DNA test. She sends it in and learns a bit about her heritage.

Then it happens. Someone else takes the test too. Someone from the chapter never told. It shows up in the system and they send the grown up child a message. The message contains names of families previously unknown.

In her excitement she responds to the message not thinking about the fact that for this other person, they are unaware that the existence of the child was likely a deep dark secret - until now.

So now she has information to find out where she came from. What does she do? Does she do anything at all? So many questions...Does she want any answers?

Stay tuned until next week's episode to find out what happens next.

Damn you for pulling us in.