Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ten Truths about Having Three Children

I haven'the written in a while and then I came across an article that grabbed my interest about truths on raising three kids. I have my own truths.

Here are my 10 truths from my vault of having 3 beautiful, intelligent daughters:

1. You don't have enough hands so you get a kiddie leash and teach discipline.

2. They are all very different and even when you think you know them, you have no idea.

3. You think you love each of them with this amazing "I will kill anyone who even looks at them wrong love" and they are thinking "she loves her more than me."

4. I don't even understand where all that funk in the bathroom comes from, but thank God for mommy-iron-stomach genes.

5. There is no such thing as treating them all the same. They are unique and require unique treatment.

6. They will team up two against one whenever it serves them unless they require the Power of Three to defeat the Momma.

7. There is usually an informer.

8. Quiet is not an option.

9. You always have an opportunity to retry some parenting that didn't work the first, or second time. Yep, did that...which gets back to a bit of #3.

10. When all is good, and even when its not, there is so much love, so much.