Friday, September 23, 2016

Tom and Atticus

I don't know if you have found them yet, but I insist that you must.

You think you know Atticus M. Finch from a particular book, but you are incorrect in this case. Atticus was a miniature schnauzer who did amazing things up in the Northeast. You can read about his life in the book 'Following Atticus' and on Facebook or Twitter by looking up Tom and Atticus.

Even though Atticus has passed, Tom still eloquently talks about him and his previous companion Will. Tom is probably the best writer I have ever read. He touches your soul with his words.

Samwise  Passaconaway is his newest friend with whom he spends his time and about whom he writes.

Reading what Tom writes is a joy. It is pure emotion and provides a visual that almost overloads your senses. I do not live in the Northeast, but I feel as though I have been there many times.

Tom's next book 'Will's Red Coat' is out in March and it will be a great read.

I love my dogs to the moon and back.