Monday, November 21, 2016

It's a New Day

Best Thanksgiving ever. While most of the country is still waiting for it, my Thanksgiving is complete. After taking a poll of sorts it was decided that due to a variety of other commitments of our grown children and others who attend the meal, that we would move our celebration AND also make it a buffet. An informal affair where people could eat when they want and they would sit where they want. We also cooked and baked up a variety of foods to make the day even more inviting.

We had great attendance, conversation, and everyone seemed to really enjoy this change after years of the same old thing.

It felt good. Really good. Emotions have been running high and this was a good day. A day of joy. I most thoroughly enjoyed watching our next generation talk and laugh; laugh a lot. It made my heart grow three sizes that day.

I think this feeling was what I needed and will last for a while. Thank you family for being open to this different style of this traditional day.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Gobble Gobble.