Saturday, November 12, 2016

What would they say

I am still rattled four days after the national election. I am irritated that some of my extended family were complacent and didn't make a vote for the highest office. I am irritated some of them voted for no policies, hate, and misogyny. I definitely had an opinion. As an old coach friend of mine would say I want to have my cake and eat it too.

I look at all I have worked and fought for in my life. I look at my family and those around me for who I have tried to make this country a more equal place to live and I wonder what the hell just happened. I have been raised my entire life to be better, to reach for more and now we have this. I would like to think that all the women before me would be saying now - we want more than this. WE HAVE EARNED MORE THAN THIS.

My little brother is deaf, the candidate said disparaging things about the Deaf and clearly doesn't have positive policies, a no-brainer correct? But no, family votes for him. Confounding to say the least.

And now after the election, I wonder how you reconcile this. Because it's not just a vote as my mom says. It is now the direction of the country with direct impact on me, my family, and those for whom I have fought. In these days, certain persons are posting hateful things which says to me that my original concerns were correct. Disgusting behavior and hate is coming out of places I didn't know it existed. The word Christian definitely has a new definition in some households after this election.

Well, my decision is to continue to fight for equality and women's rights. I will not allow them to be taken away. For those women in my family who voted the other way, you're welcome. And for the men on behalf of the women, you're welcome. Life is about choices and mine is to make intelligent, informed decisions and to be more involved.